The Easiest Areas to Forget When Doing Office Cleaning

Office cleaning is easier said than done. During the hectic craze of any work week, papers pile up, coffee spills happen, dust accumulates, and after a rainy or snowy day, workers tramp mud and water all over the floors. Every office manager knows that keeping the office clean is an important job – you want to make sure your company is giving the best possible first impression to clients, potential new hires, or anyone visiting for a meeting. But while areas like the floors or windows are usually easy to remember, there are some other key spots that are often neglected because they are easy to forget. So when you are talking to your commercial cleaning services about what they need to clean during a routine visit, here are some important spots to remember.


Microwaves and Kitchen Spaces

The tragedy of the commons is a fact when it comes to shared office kitchens. With so many people eating lunch or breakfast on the fly, many employees will simply leave a mess where they found it if they are in a rush for their next call or deadline. The easiest spots to forget in any office kitchen? The microwave and refrigerator. In just a few days, leftover food can expire and turn your microwave or fridge into a smelly, moldy space that can be a nasty surprise for the next employee (or, gasp, client!) to open it. So make sure your janitorial services are checking these spots on their visits.


Ceiling Fans and Light Fixtures

These are easy to forget because they aren’t something we usually interact with during the work day. However, ceiling fans and light fixtures can quickly accumulate dust and, in worse cases, mold. Making sure your office cleaning services check these at least every other visit is another key place to remember.


Railings and Handles

Just like the previous section, these areas quickly accumulate dust, and can become a place where germs are transmitted given how many different people use them on a daily basis. Aside from keeping the office clean, keeping employees and clients happy and healthy is another key factor for having the office run smoothly. So your office cleaning services should also add these spots to their list.


Computers and Keyboards

Especially important if you have shared workspaces for visiting employees or clients, keeping the computers and keyboards clean and spotless is an underrated but important element to office cleaning. From drink spills to general dust accumulation, letting your workspaces deteriorate is an easy way to give a bad impression to new hires or visiting customers. Don’t leave these off your commercial cleaning list!